Duke of Edinburgh Award

    By doing your DofE, you're in for an amazing adventure and masses of fun as you take part in a range of activities, all leading to the achievement of an Award that's recognised by universities and employers alike.

    Training Dates and Planning Sessions

    Whilst we understand that some people may not be able to attend every session, it is important that all participants are there if at all possible. If a session is missed then please make sure that you find out what was covered and ensure that you catch up on the skills taught. Planning sessions form part of the assessment process and so all group members need to play a part in these.

    Further information about weekend sessions and expeditions will be issued nearer to the time. Please check the Letters Page for details.

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    Dear William Howard School

    I recently stayed on the Leekworth campsite in Middleton in Teesdale, on which a number of your pupils stayed whilst completing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Firstly, I would like to congratulate the school on the uptake of the awards as they are very worthwhile and help young people develop. Secondly, your pupils are fantastic ambassadors for your school. They are polite, well behaved and displayed respect for each other on their walks. We met them on a walk, they held gates open for us, greeted us and displayed all the character of confident aspiring young people. Thirdly, this was in trying circumstances created by the site management. Pupils never moaned about having to take off their footwear when entering the toilets. They followed all newily created rules, whilst receiving undeserved hostility from the management, with dignity and pride.

    The pupils can be proud of themselves. In a time when young people are readily villified, they showed that young peope are amazing. They are a credit to their school and their families.

    Many thanks
    Graeme Jorgenson