• RSE Policy Questionnaire

RSE Policy Questionnaire

After reading our new RSE Policy please consider the following questions:

Year group of your child/ children
1. How confident were you in understanding the RSE policy?
2. How confident do you feel that this curriculum will help your child understand about the range of committed, stable relationships which exist?
3. How confident do you feel that this curriculum will support your child making respectful relationships, including friendships?
4. How confident do you feel that this curriculum will help to keep your child safe:
a) Online
b) in real life?
5. How confident do you feel that we have got the balance right between teaching the facts about intimate, sexual relationships and the emotional aspects around this topic?
6. Are there any topics we aren’t covering in our RSE curriculum that you think should be?
Do you believe that the school should answer all your child’s RSE questions or are there aspects that you feel might be better explored in other settings? (such as home, family, religious settings)?
Do you have any concerns about RSE at William Howard School, as described in this policy?
As a parent or carer, are there any aspects of the curriculum which you would like more information or advice on?
If you would like to explain any of your answers, or if there is anything else you want us to know, it would be very helpful.

If you would be interested in attending a parents’ focus group in regard to our updated RSE policy/ curriculum, please include your contact details:

Your name:
Your child/children's name:

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