• Admissions Form: Data Collection

Admissions Form: Data Collection

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Data Protection

The school does share this data with appropriate third parties under The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). Further details can be found in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Policy on the school website.


Legal Forename *
Middle name(s)
Legal Surname *
Chosen Forename (if different from above)
Chosen Surname (if different from above)
Date of Birth *
Gender *
Home telephone number *
Address *
Postcode *
Is this young person cared for by the Local Authority, 'A Looked After Child'? *
If YES, state which Local Authority and provide contact details
Is there a Court Order relating to this child? *
If YES, provide details


Does the child have siblings at William Howard School? *
Sibling 1 Name
Sibling 1 Date of Birth
Sibling 2 Name
Sibling 2 Date of Birth
Sibling 3 Name
Sibling 3 Date of Birth


Medical Practice *
Medical Practice Telephone Number
Medical Practice Address
Does your child suffer from any particular medical conditions requiring treatment, including medication e.g. asthma, allergies etc?
If YES, please provide details
Does your child have any food allergies or dietary requirements?
Other food allergies/dietary requirements. Please give details.
Is your child allergic to any medication, e.g. penicillin, elastoplasts? *
If YES, please provide details
When did your child last receive a tetanus injection?


School Name
School Telephone Number
School Address
Local Education Authority (if outside Cumbria)
Type of School
If you are applying for Sixth Form, please provide us with your UCI Number


If appropriate, please provide details of any ‘key workers’ that could help us in supporting your child, such as Social Workers, Connexions PA, Education Welfare Officers, health or other professionals:

Key Worker Name
Key Worker Position
Key Worker Contact Number


Please complete details of all contacts below. This may include natural parents, main carers, any person with parental responsibility, grandparents, other relatives etc. Put the main resident parent(s) at the top, and include any non-resident parent (with whom the child does not normally live). The school needs a minimum of 2 contacts in case of any emergency. Priority 1 indicates that this person will be telephoned first in the event that we need to make contact for any reason during the school day, e.g. if the child is unwell, and will also receive text messages via our texting service. Priority 2 will be contacted if Priority 1 is unavailable and so on. 

If emergency contact is not practical on a day to day basis, due to distance or any other reason, please attach additional details if appropriate.

School correspondence will only be sent to the student’s home address stated above, unless requested otherwise.


Contact 1 Relationship to Child
Contact 1 Parental Responsibility?
Contact 1 Does the student live with this contact?
Contact 1 Title
Contact 1 Forename
Contact 1 Surname
Contact 1 Address
Contact 1 Postcode
Contact 1 Home Tel
Contact 1 Mobile Tel
Contact 1 Work Tel
Contact 1 Place of work
Contact 1 Home e mail Address
Contact 1 Work e mail Address
Please indicate your preferred contact number
Please indicate your preferred e mail address


Contact 2 Relationship to Child
Contact 2 Parental Responsibility?
Contact 2 Does the student live with this contact?
Contact 2 Title
Contact 2 Forename
Contact 2 Surname
Contact 2 Address
Contact 2 Postcode
Contact 2 Home Tel
Contact 2 Mobile Tel
Contact 2 Work Tel
Contact 2 Place of work
Contact 2 Home e mail Address
Contact 2 Work e mail Address
Please indicate your preferred contact number
Please indicate your preferred e mail address


Contact 3 Relationship to Child
Contact 3 Parental Responsibility?
Contact 3 Does the student live with this contact?
Contact 3 Title
Contact 3 Forename
Contact 3 Surname
Contact 3 Address
Contact 3 Postcode
Contact 3 Home Tel
Contact 3 Mobile Tel
Contact 3 Work Tel
Contact 3 Place of work
Contact 3 Home e mail Address
Contact 3 Work e mail Address
Please indicate your preferred contact number
Please indicate your preferred e mail address


Contact 4 Relationship to Child
Contact 4 Parental Responsibility?
Contact 4 Does the student live with this contact?
Contact 4 Title
Contact 4 Forename
Contact 4 Surname
Contact 4 Address
Contact 4 Postcode
Contact 4 Home Tel
Contact 4 Mobile Tel
Contact 4 Work Tel
Contact 4 Place of work
Contact 4 Home e mail Address
Contact 4 Work e mail Address
Please indicate your preferred contact number
Please indicate your preferred e mail address


The school is obliged by the Department for Education (DfE) to provide the following data:

Tick the appropriate category. The choices that are provided are set by the DfE. Children over the age of 11 are considered old enough, with parental consultation to decide their own ethnicity.

Ethnicity information provided by
Religious Affiliation
Please provide brief details of any disabilities


Mode of Travel
(Pick the one you expect your child to use most often)
First Language
Please state the language that your child uses at home and in the community
Parents serving in armed forces.
Do either or both parents (with parental responsibility) serve in the regular armed forces (Army/Navy/RAF)
If yes, have the parent(s) been assigned Personal Status Category 1 or 2 by the Secretary of State for Defence?


Name of Parent responsible for completing this form *

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