• Admissions: Student Profile

Admissions: Student Profile

This form is for Year 6 pupils to complete.

Your full name
(First name and surname)
Your Primary School
Please list your brothers and sisters here. If they are at school, give their year group too. For example:
Laura (Year 9, WHS)
Thomas (Year 4, Brampton)
What are your favourite subjects?
We would like to know which subjects you like the best, not necessarily what you are best at.
What are your least favourite subjects?
Please list any subjects you are not particularly keen on.
Please list any leadership roles you have had while at primary school.
For example: lunchtime monitor, sports captain, library helper.
List any sports activities you have taken part in regularly either during school time or outside of school.
For example: Netball (school team), Rugby (Carlisle RFC), Swimming (Border City), X Country (School club).
List any musical instruments you play (including singing) and your level of experience. Also experience of drama or school productions including type of role.
For example: clarinet (Grade 5, in school), choir (schools festival), school play (lead part).
Please list any hobbies or interests you have not given above.
For example: scouts, computers, young farmers, drawing/painting.
List any clubs you would like to join at William Howard.

Friends - Please provide the names of other Year 6 pupils that you would like to be in a form group with at WHS. We aim to make sure that every Year 7 student is with one of their friendship choices and the names you provide are used alongside parental comments and Year 6 teacher comments to make sure you are in the best group for you to do well at WHS. You do not always work best with your best friends!

You are able to give the names of up to three friends . The order of the names is not taken into account.

Friend's full name and primary school
Friend's full name and primary school
Friend's full name and primary school

Ask your parents to fill in this next part

Parents: Points made should be in addition to the normal information passed on from Primary Schools. If there is something which particularly requires discussion, please contact Mr Anderson (danderson@williamhoward.cumbria.sch.uk) as early as possible.

Parents’ comments

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