• Post 16 Transport Applications (2021-22)

Post 16 Transport Applications (2021-22)

As a current user of the County Council arranged bus service, we are requesting an indication from you, if you require transport from September 2021. 

Year 11 students - It is appreciated you and your child may not have made final decisions regarding September, but it would be helpful to the school if you could reply as indicated below.

Your form should be submitted by Friday, 28 May 2021. If the school does not receive a reply by the deadline, then your details will not be passed onto Cumbria County Council.

The County Council only offers Sixth Form transport on the basis of available spare seats and the school has to request these seats on behalf of families. The cost of these seats for the academic year 2020-21 was £430.00, payable termly. The County Council has not yet published the costs for academic year 2021-22. All school terms must be paid for in full unless a bus pass is returned to school before the start of the next payable term.

Please indicate your interest or non interest in a seat for September:

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If you DO NOT require transport from September, please scroll down to the bottom of this form and click on 'Submit'. Thank you

Please note that availability of spare seats will not be known until after the start of the academic year (this is likely to be as late as October half term). It must be stressed that until a bus pass is received, you must make appropriate arrangements to get your child to school.

Spare Seat Request Form:

Home postal address
Transport route from Sept 21
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Name of Parent/Carer booking transport
Name of person responsible for payment
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DECLARATION: In booking this place, I agree that once the place is confirmed and allocated I am responsible for paying the transport fees within 28 days of invoice.

Once you and your child have finalised your plans for September, it would also be helpful if could you contact the Main Office on Tel: 016977 45700 or via email transport@williamhoward.cumbria.sch.uk

Please click on the submit button below:

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